Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Applefest, Bayfield WI

A rainy-day apple festival in northern Wisconsin. My room mate had mentioned it before I left, and her parents had mentioned it again while I was visiting them. It was on the way to my next destination, so how could I not go?


I drive into Bayfield, and spend 30 minutes looking for parking. This tiny town is not designed for the mass influx of people who came for this festival. The population sits somewhere around 600, and they expect over 50,000 to come through over the festival weekend! Craziness. As I park a bajillion blocks away from the festival the rain was drizzling down, and it continued to do so for the two hours I hung around.


I did try the Apple Bratwurst, which was DELICIOUS with a little apple mustard and kraut on top:



I watched the Bayfield high school band as they marched through town:



I watched a folk band which played a few great local songs, and few silly cover songs:



But what’s that at the bottom of the band shot? An old woman, cleverly disguised as fruit:



After watching the band for a while the dog was shivering from being cold and wet, so we walked a bajillion blocks back to the car and drove away. Our goal was Milwaukee to see my uncle, but we wouldn’t quite make it there today.

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