Sunday, January 9, 2011

And then the Nikon took a tumble

Sorry to say it, but the camera took a bit of a tumble the other day. Thankfully the body came away undamaged (I believe), but the 18-55mm lens is now hit-or-miss. A bit of plastic near the aperture adjustment arm of the lens broke off and is causing some intermittent jamming, keeping the lens from opening up. Looks like I will have to adjust to the 50mm prime or my 55-200mm until I can afford to get a replacement. Le Sigh.


I don’t suppose anybody out in the blogosphere has a wide-angle lens to fit a Nikon DX sensor they would be willing to sell for cheap?


Beyond all that, life is good in Prescott. I’ll be hanging out here for about another week. There will be some time in Phoenix, Wickenberg, and Jerome mixed in this week as well. Should be lots of good times.


Ric said...

Camera manufacturers should hire you as a durability tester. (Karma Watch: I'll drop my camera the next time I use it...)

Seriously, sorry to hear about the loss of a lens; glass is friggin' expensive.

TomboCheck said...

Yeah, I'm a little hard on my technology. :) Such is the way of life. Doesn't help that the kit lens mount is all plastic. C'est la vie.