Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Durango, Co

After the lovely drive through the Red Mountain pass, I arrived in Durango. I went to the coffee shop where my cousin James works, and hung out for a while until he got done with his shift. We went to his house, hung out for a while, then went out to an awesome fish and chips dinner at the local irish restaurant.


Here is James:



We checked out a local brewery (Durango Brewing Company) whose dark lager was quite inspiring, especially for a guy who doesn’t like malty beers like me. After some interesting conversation with a local drunk at the brewery we headed back to his house and just hung out, getting to know each other, watching movies, etc.


The next day I had a few hours to putz around by myself, so I walked around Durango downtown and snapped some pictures. Like a local artist hangout:



There is all sorts of art in this town. Like this mural on another building:



And of course, I meandered through the local alleys. Catching a few random shots there as well:



I took a drive up to the ‘rim’ near the local college campus, to get a look at the city from above. So, if you’ve ever wondered what Durango looks like, here it is:



When James got off of work this time we took the dog to the dog park, met up at another local brewery (Carver’s) with his friend Greg for dinner and a pint. A delicious burger and more tasty brew before heading home again. A few movies, some entertaining conversation, and then passing out. Repeat for my third day in town, except for a nice walk along the Animas river next to the narrow gauge railroad:



And me making chicken parm for dinner instead of eating out. A bit o’ whisky substituted for beer and a late night of laughing at silly movies.


Morning time rolled around, James made a great breakfast, then it was on the road for me again. I was off to Taos.


Catalyst said...

Tombo, for a renegade on the road I think you're eating (and drinking) altogether too well! :)

TomboCheck said...

I eat well for a few reasons.

1. People always want to buy me a meal when I show up. I'm certainly not going to say no.

2. I eat so little when I'm not seeing people that I don't mind splurging when I am around friends.

I try to keep all of the top ramen, and cans of beans out of the blog... it gets old after a while. :)