Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Review - Big Post

*DISCLAIMER - not all photos are uploaded yet. I am a lazy bastard, and it may take me a day or two to get some of the pictures off of D's camera.*

So Christmas is drawing to a close. It was a doozy. DaNece, as usual, has outdone herself. She not only got me the backpack that I had asked for, but also managed to amaze me by getting me a keyboard (the musical kind), which I have been wanting for a while now. She rocks! Other than that, it was a couple of items I had asked for for my survival kit (match safe, firesteel, compass, blah blah blah), and the coolest game ever: Pentago. She liked all of her gifts as well (as always, i am trailing in the present game. All i got her was a nice pair of slippers, some pajamas, a perfume set, and a few books). PHOTOS


After presents, we started getting ready to head up to Flagstaff to hike the Lava River Cave. Unfortunately, it turns out that the road to access the caves is closed during the winter, due to precipititious conditions. So, me and DaNece opted to head over to the Grand Canyon, which neither of us had been to in a LONG time. We had a good old time there, spending about 2 hours walking along the rim, taking pictures, and watching all the foreigners (mostly asian) go ga-ga over the canyon. Yeah it is cool, but basically it's just a big ditch. So after the cold got the better of us, we turned back to the truck and headed for the hills. 2 hours later and we were back home, and HUNGRY!! PHOTOS


Steak with butter sauteed 'shrooms and onions, Twice baked potatos, lemon-spritzed brussel sprouts, and french rolls. Need I say more? PHOTOSET of food, newly created, and currently only contains this dinner.

Back to the grind tomorrow. How will I cope??


Catalyst said...

That's a mighty hunk of steak. You'll not keep your boyish figure if you keep eating like that!! (Pictures on Flicker are beautiful, though.)

TomboCheck said...

I adjust my exercise to my waist line, so if that boyish figure starts to go i just put in more hours of sweat. Not that anybody is ever going to think I'm anorexic or anything. :P

Besides, food is way too good to worry about how many calories are in it!

Thanks for the words about the flickr pics. Food photos are hard for me, because after cooking for an hour or two all i want to do is dig in, so I don't normally remember to bust out the camera. Many delicious meals never even get mentioned because i don't have the pics to justify a post. :)

Have a good weekend!