Saturday, December 29, 2007

College pictures

Now that Luke is living with us, we are trying to carpool to save a little moolah. This means that I have some time to burn before he is done coaching the Swim Team at the college every day. I took one such occasion to take some pictures of Yavapai Community College where I went to school.


When I first started attending the school it pretty much looked like a prison. two lanes led to the front of the buildings, and everything was plane jane grey concrete. In the last 2 years that I was there the college started to massively upgrade it's campus, and the pictures in the photoset are a few that caught my eye as being different from when I was there.


Now i am to the fun part of college, where I can take fun classes, without worrying about those silly degree things. Last time I checked I was up to 104 credit hours! Wow, how did I have time to get into trouble??


Many, MANY long days spent here (sometimes up to 13 hours a day):


A lovely walkway that used to be 3 flights of stairs with handicapped elevators


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