Thursday, December 27, 2007

Want it so bad

So, if I ever get into solo camping I think that instead of buying a lighter tent I might just buy this Hennessy Hammock. 2.5 lbs, packed size 5"x12", and still comes in cheaper than the solo tent that I want ($200 vs. $250, plus almost a pound lighter). No need to clear the ground, or worry about digging a rain trench around the tent, only need to stake down the fly (sounds optional from the reviews) and you don't have to carry as thick of a sleeping pad since you aren't dealing with rocks/pinecones/sticks. Oooh, the gear-nut inside of me is starting to salivate...


Avus said...

Hi there, Tombo. Just popped over to thank you for visiting my blog (I wondered how you found me, then saw "Prescott" and reckoned the link must be Granny J who comes from those regions.)
Those pix of your dad's Honda 400F are great - what a beautiful bike (and only 12,000 miles too). From the background to the shots it looks like he is really into bikes big time.
Now tell me - how the hell did you manage to put that link to your dad's pix into your comment on my blog?

TomboCheck said...

Yep, saw a comment from you in Granny J's blog and skipped on over to check you out. My dad is definite into bikes big time. Some he buys just because they are pretty, and some because he actually wants to ride them. I'm hoping it isn't genetic, because it seems like a bit more expensive of a hobby than I can handle.

As far as putting a link into comments we are blessed that blogspot allows HTML codes in comment sections. I will post up a screenshot on the blog, which is a lot easier than trying to explain it. :)