Saturday, December 29, 2007

Saturday Hike: North part of Trail #260

Well me and Chris finally found the right entrance to the trail we were looking for last weekend. Of course we also ended up meandering off-trail and following a very frozen creek down to the point where we were getting way to hung up on the shrubbery to continue. Definitely a good time, and I also got to give my new backpack a whirl. After a little break-in I think it will serve me very well!

We found this concrete trough filled with water, which had frozen solid. Of course we both managed to slip and fall because we are partially retarded. :)


After going off-trail and following the creak for a while we came upon a little waterfall, which was a lot of fun getting down, but not so fun getting the dogs back up.



When we finally decided to turn back, this is what we had to look forward to (many scratches to come):


Also joining us this time was a red heeler that Chris was dogsitting for a friend. His name is Hemi:



Catalyst said...

Those dogs are saying: "you want us to climb up where?

TomboCheck said...

:) Probably not far from the truth. They did not like the ascent up the waterfall at all. But other than Scrappy and Chris getting into cactus, everybody came out un-scathed.

quilteddogs said...

Very cute pix of the dogs

TomboCheck said...

Thanks quilteddogs! They are such good little hiking buddies. :)