Friday, November 19, 2010

And then it was southward

From New Jersey I was headed back to my sister’s house. A warm bed, some more time with sis, and a bit of giggling and cuddling with the nieces and nephews? That was a win.


I ended up stopping in Atlantic city, after taking the wrong highway on my way out of Jersey. It was a dirty town, but it looks pretty from far away:



There was some great fog rolling in off of the Atlantic Ocean, which made for a few interesting photo ops:



I ended up having to stop short of my destination to bed down for the night. It was dark and I was tired. I ended up in a town called Willmington, Delaware. I walked around for a bit, took one picture, and then went to sleep:



Waking up the next day I finished my trek to Virginia, stopped off at my sis’s house, and had a lot of fun. No pictures this time around, just some quality time with the fam. A quick workout the next morning, and then I was off and away heading south to *theoretically* warmer temperatures.


Wasn’t in much of a photography mood, but the colors of the trees as I drove through southern Virginia were very pretty:



And then I was in North Carolina, along the coast, and I saw something on the map that interested me: the Outer Banks. I headed in that direction.

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