Monday, November 29, 2010

The Florida Keys

I’m speeding south, driving until my back and butt hurt. I’m sweating like a pig in the mid-80 degree temperatures with all that lovely humidity that comes with being on the ocean. I make it Miami on Saturday, taking highway 1 and A1A all the way down the coast (even when I’m in a hurry the interstate is to be avoided). I get towards the city and things begin to change. From run down towns to yacht clubs. From open beaches to ‘private property’ signs everywhere. Suddenly it’s not beat up civics driving around me, but Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, and Maserati. I’ve entered the rich-lands. I drive through without taking too much of it in. I’m really not interested in all these glittery things. I drive through Miami, planning to get an early start on the next day. Then I get a phone call from an old buddy.


His name is Joe, and I haven’t seen him since high school. We became ‘friends’ on facebook a few months ago and he noticed I was in his area. We decide to meet up, and I drive an hour back north to Ft. Lauderdale. I get to his house, we go out and get a bite to eat and a beer. We go back to his place and drink whiskey as we watch basketball. We get to know each other all over again. It’s good times. And it’s also a soft couch for me to sleep in, and a shower. Oh, the luxurious lifestyle. I say goodnight and goodbye, as I still plan on getting on the road long before he wakes up.


This is Joe, who could easily be a model if dentistry doesn’t work out for him:



Before dawn I’m on the road again, driving out to that stretch of islands south of the continental us. The clouds as I head down are amazing:



We drive all the way south to Key West, where it promptly begins to downpour for 15 minutes. Afterwards the sun is out, and it is a whole new kind of hot and humid. The dog and I make our way to the touristy part of town, we walk down the streets taking photos like everybody else. Things like mile marker zero of Highway 1:



And the big couple kissing:



Soon though I am tired of the area, so decide to head north again – back towards the mainland. I stop along the way to take natural photos. Things like a tree, at the very edge of the visible world:



An old stretch of highway that is no longer used:



And clouds over the beach:



I drive all through the evening to get back to the mainland, it’s dark and I’m exhausted by the time I pull into Florida City’s walmart. I pass out and sleep all through the night. Now it’s time to head west.


Courtney said...

These photos are stunning. I am impressed by nature's curves. Happy to hear that you're westbound. :)

Catalyst said...

Ah, now I see why you're in such a hurry! ;->

TomboCheck said...

Courtney - Natures curves are indeed stunning. P-town here I come!

Catalyst - :) Certainly one of the reasons.