Tuesday, November 9, 2010

And then, there were children!

After driving through Shenandoah National Park I was headed to Alexandria, VA. The goal? To see my sister, her hubby, and their six kids. All the nieces and nephews one uncle can handle.


I spent three days hanging out, roughhousing, holding, consoling, laughing, giggling, and smiling with this amazing family. I taught the kids a little something about training a dog, and about using a camera. We spun and wrestled, we bucked and battled.


Abby was my little princess, always in my lap as she played with my beard and sucked her finger:



Jack, Sam, and Kaden battled it out with light sabers:



Chloe enjoyed training Scrappy a few tricks:



Overall it was great to see everybody, great to get a chance to see my sister’s day to day life, and great to be surrounded by love. I hope to stop back by their house on my way back south.


Thanks you guys for having me!


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