Monday, August 4, 2008

The death of fast food

Or rather, the death of one fast food restaurant. Yes, the McDonalds on Miller Valley street is in the process of being demolished:


It is now just a shell of its former self, and I'm sure will be entirely gone before the week is out:


Not sure why it is being demolished, though I would imagine it is just due to the age of the building. This is right near the neighborhood that I grew up in and I can remember how much of a treat it was to go and get a happy meal here as a kid and play in the little play area.


Not sure if they will be rebuilding, or putting a new/different business in this lot.


Dagny witnessed the destruction as well.


All the photos.


Catalyst said...

SWMBO and I drove by there the other day and she commented that it was fenced off. We still have on in Prescott Valley, though!

Tony Reynolds said...

Alas, I think it was Granny J who reported that MC D's will be rebuilt in a few months on the same site, bigger and ...better?

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - I'll just have to make a pilgrimage to PV when I need my big mac then. :)

Tony - I couldn't find anything on GJ's blog about it. Got a link? I would expect another McDonalds to go in there. They have been there so long that I would imagine that they own the land.

Tony Reynolds said...

Hmmm. Can't find the post about Mickey D's on Granny J's post either but I'll keep looking.
Any hoo here the post on the Courier about the Empty Bowls project.

TomboCheck said...

Tony - I see your hands on that page, but where's the ugly mug? :)