Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Want to feel smart?

Then go browse through Yahoo! Answers. I have seriously never seen such a gamut of stupid questions and even stupider answers.



If the egg is from the chicken then why doesn't a egg taste like chicken?


Best Answer:

I'm gonna say its because the egg isn't ripe yet. Just like a watermelon. If you eat it when its not ripe it will taste bitter, but if you eat it when its ripe it will be sweet. If you just let that egg ripen for a while it will taste like chicken eventually.


Wait.....what? Are you effin serious? That is the best answer?  Personally, I liked this better:

ask the chicken the chicken might have been fooling around



Or how about:

I am now on day 36 of my cycle.this is the longest I have been since getting off the pill.My only son is 14.should I [take a pregnancy]test now or wait?


Is this something that you really want to depend on the masses of the internet to answer for you? How about a doctor, you know the people who actually go to school for this? But no, let's take the advice of whoever decides to answer, which is just as likely to be a 14 year old boy as anybody else.... GOOD IDEA!

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