Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The View

For those non-locals. Standing in the driveway this evening we got a full show as a monsoon storm moved in from the east right as the sun was setting. Colorful clouds all around.


Here is the panoramic looking east to west (click to see large).


For those with big resolutions or who don't mind scrolling, see the full-sized version.


Catalyst said...

Great shot, Tombo. I saw that strange cloud pattern at the left of your photo and wondered if it might be a tornado trying to form.

Incidentally, I was coming home through the Dells yesterday afternoon when the sky to the north and west was really intensely dark blue but the Dells were still lit by sunlight. Would have made some great pictures. Maybe Rich shot some.

Rich said...

Nah, I was taking a nap! :) Good nap too.

What a storm last night. Lightning strikes everywhere!

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - thanks! It sure looked like a tornado, but didn't move like one. So just a fluke I guess. :)

Mike Young did get some shots in the dells a couple days earlier which are pretty awesome, but didn't capture a stormhead.

Rich - Dood, you are supposed to be photographing stuff ALL THE TIME!!!!