Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The difference a processing can make

How very interesting what an extra 1/2 hour in Photoshop, and a new plugin can do to an image.


Original Raw File:


1st Processing (posted yesterday). Almost all done in Lightroom, with a little cloning in PS to get rid of the telephone wires:


After playing with LucisArt and PS for a little while:


Over the top, but kind of fun. Nothing super special, other than the LucisArt Exposure adjustment (luminosity masked, to prevent too much craziness) which helps pull interest to all the chrome. And lots of little adjustment layers. :)


Tony Reynolds said...

Tom, interesting article in NY times about the photos put out by Iran that showed missles being launched. It was photoshopped to add a missle. But interviewee interjects that you need not photoshop a picture to change its meaning. Something like the picture of your classic car that might be labeled "Runs OK" might change your perception of the car. As artists we have way too many tools to be dangerous with. Ain't it great? Here's the NY Times article.

TomboCheck said...

Tony - I remember the Iran photoshop. Folks were jumping all over that thing. :)

I agree that the labels can change the meaning of a picture to a crazy degree.

Just about any satellite imagery can be be touted as military, simply because that is how we are used to seeing those images. :)

melissa said...

That's amazing!!

I recently considered asking you to mess with some of my photos. ;)

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - thanks. :)

How do you want them messed with? I might be game.