Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Photoshop not necessary

Artists create camaflouged people without using photoshop.


Liu Bolin paints his posers.



Desiree Palmen paints a suit which she then has a poser wear.



Emma Hack strips down pretty ladies and paints directly on their bodies.

*technically NSFW, because if you look close you can see boobies.*



Also see:

Veruschka (warning: a few boobies here too) See portfolios III and IV


melissa said...


Those are awesome.

melissa said...

Wait, I meant the pictures. Not boobies.

But of course those are awesome too.

Mike said...

Boobies! They are awesome!!

Mike said...

I meant the boobies.

The pictures are okay, but boobies are AWESOME!

TomboCheck said...

I personally am a BIG proponent of boobies. If I'm being honest I wasn't even going to post any of this stuff, but then I found the boobies, and was like "Yeah, I have to share that with the world."

Chickenbells said...

Good grief...yes, boobies are awesome (being in ownership of a nice set myself) But painting would be both ticklish and cold...but terribly terribly fun!

(and awesome)

melissa said...

Thanks for your honesty Tom. Hahahaha.

I totally humor-ized your comment box. I've been hanging around Mike too much. ;)