Monday, June 22, 2009

And we lamented the price of the beer.

While at the Elks Saturday evening I had the opportunity to meet somebody I’ve been following for a while. Not following in that creepy-stalker kind of way, so much as in that ‘Hi, My name is Tom and I’m an internet junkie’ kind of way.


I saw her setting up a small rack full of artsy-looking cards. She looked familiar, the art looked familiar.


“Hi, are you Melanie?” I asked. It was at this point that I got a look that said I seemed kind of creepy, so I quickly introduced myself. Surely enough it was Melanie Banayat a.k.a. MiliGirl. We chatted it up while waiting for the concert to start and I had a blast getting to know the gal behind all that great paint.


We talked about the economy, about the lifestyle of an artist, about the gouging we both received when purchasing a beer from the theatre’s bar (srsly? $6 for one can of beer?!). We compared notes on which bands we liked, the importance of a man’s hat to his identity, and Prescott’s eclectic population.


At the end of the night I walked away with a cool card, and a new friend. A pleasure to meet you Melanie! And yeah, that random $3 in your box? Wonder no more. :)


Melissa said...

Oh my god her cards ROCK! I'm saving her site to revisit and forward on to others. Glad you got to meet!

(and $6 for a can of beer? normal 'round these parts... ugh)

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - Yeah, her stuff is pretty awesome. Seeing her big paintings is always a treat as well.

As for the price of beer - I seriously thought he was joking. For a 12 oz CAN of beer? SIX FREAKIN' DOLLARS?! Thankfully the beer was very tasty (from the local brewery), so I can almost justify it in my mind.