Thursday, June 18, 2009

Finally, that ‘moved in’ feeling

Well I finally feel moved in.

What was the missing link that finally changed? Art. I wanted some art hanging on the walls, but I wanted it to be MY art.


Which means that I had to save up for a month to be able to afford art. But at last I have prints. I sent Rich eight photos to get printed, and last week he busted them out for me.

Eight 16x12 canvas reproductions, which honestly? Turned out unbelievably! I don’t know what kind of fancy magic Rich’s printer is making, but I think the prints look better than the digital files. I can’t say enough about Rich’s services. Not only is he great to deal with, but the results speak for themselves. I also got a color print (not shown) done on some new fancy paper of his, which looks awesome as well. No one trick pony here. Thanks a million Rich!


I don’t know why having things hanging on the wall makes it feel more like home, but sure enough it now feels like my space. I’m lovin it!


The prints:

Balboa Park Tree

Downtown Walkway

A feather falls


The Road Less Traveled

Oldschool Tow Truck


Little Flowers


and the one color print I got was Soft Water.


Jarart said...

A very nice bunch of photo's for the wall. Thanks for the info on Rich, I could use some magic.

Melissa said...

Yes, those look fantastic!

TomboCheck said...

Jarart - Glad to provide the info. Give him a call, you won't be disappointed.

Melissa - Thanks! I'm totally thrilled.

Catalyst said...

But . . . aren't they lying on the floor? Isn't that dangerous, sort of "fraught with peril"?

TomboCheck said...

catalyst - Indeed, for picture taking purposes they were placed on the floor. The dog almost stepped on one... I almost had a heart attack for a second.

They are all safely hung on the walls now. I simply don't have a lens wide enough to properly show them off.