Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Pic of the day

Familiarity. The shape has been seen before. The mind registers an associated mental view of the entire object from just the barest glimpse. It is only after this view is created that we begin to see details. We compare the object of our mind to the object before our eyes to determine its level of appeal to us.

A 60’s Ford Mustang. I saw a light red fender in the crowd and immediately knew the car.


Warren said...


Tiffany said...

remember me? your long lost sis? love the photos, you have talent, little brother... your goddess comment made me spit on my computer, not pretty! love the dinner with Nikki, it looked so yummy! gotta love Asics, I've been hooked for three years and counting! anyway, it's good to see what you've been up to, i heart you as always

TomboCheck said...

Warran - Thanks! :)

Tiffany - :-) Good to hear from ya! Mom just sent me the link to your blog as well.

I don't know about talent, but I DO have a fancy camera. That makes things easier. :) Hopefully it was just water that you spit onto your computer, not anything sticky?

Dinner with Nikki was great. I'm hoping to get together with her more often.

The Aisics are AWESOME! I've got about 20 miles on them so far and love them.

It looks like those kids of yours are keeping you running! Love the fact that you give them the camera to play with. I'm guessing the charger was found?

Lots to talk about, I'll shoot ya an email. :)