Thursday, June 11, 2009

What a catch

Florida fisherman catches U.S. Sidewinder missle while fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.


The military totally did not let him keep it.



Melissa said...

The military totally did not let him keep it.

Aww. :P

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - talk about a conversation starter at his next cocktail party, eh?

Warren said...

Back in 1966 the US accidently dropped 4 nuclear bombs on Palomares, Spain when one of our B52s collided with its refueling tanker.

A local fisherman saw one of them go into the water and helped our military locate it, but he was claiming ocean salvage rights and wanted them to pay him $5 million for it. Good luck! The US ended up giving him $10,000 for his help.

TomboCheck said...

Warren - Serious? That guy had huevos! What if they let him keep it? What is he going to do with a nuclear freakin' bomb?!