Monday, June 1, 2009

One Fast S.O.B.

This weekend saw me at another car show. This time it was the Yavapai College Hot Rod Fever, accompanied by Chris and Mom.

This was a pretty big deal for mom, as she has spent the last six months helping to organize many aspects of the show. It was time to see it all pay off.

Slowly but surely I’m paring down the 300 photos I took, so for now I will highlight only one vehicle.


A 1971 Dodge R/T Challenger, which proudly proclaimed that it was a quick car:


The owner was demonstrating some car wax products on the hood, but when he saw my camera he happily opened up the hood and happily removed the display products so I could get a decent shot. Wasn’t that nice of him?:


The rear end was the pure definition of 70’s muscle. Wide stance, tires showing, thin brake lights. The plastic sun shades over the rear windshield that went out of style so long ago for some reason. My favorite view:


This owner even had a nice sign laying out all the information about the vehicle, for those gear heads who were interested:


It was one of many cars that stole my attention at the show.

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