Monday, January 28, 2008

A beautiful Monday

Well the weekend is over, we moved our office to their new building with only 1 major hitch. Apparently Qwest put their DSL line on the wrong phone number, so whenever somebody tries to use Line 2 - everybody's Internet goes down. What a handy feature!


We finished everything on by Saturday afternoon, so I was hoping to go for a hike on Sunday. Nature had something else in mind though, and brought a nice drizzle of rain down throughout the day. Turned out to be the perfect laze-around-the-house watching movies day! We watched Domino (seen it before, and I like it), Resident Evil: Extinction (I'm not the biggest fan of RE movies or games, but I am a BIG fan of Milla Jovavich), and Lemony Snicket's: A Series of Unfortunate Events (helarious, whacky movie).


Catching up on all my Google Reader items, and came across some interesting items:

1. Using proton radiation to cure cancer. Very few locations across the world have the ridiculously expensive equipment, but the success rate is much higher than with standard radiation (due to the ability to target tumors better with protons).

2. Empire State building zaps your car (via). Apparently a lot of cars won't start when near the building, due to the large number of antenna that transmit from the site.

3. A man is suing Blue Man Group for shoving a camera down his throat (via). A man says that BMG shoved a camera down his throat. The show I went to had the same video (poorly videotaped here), and it is fairly obvious to those watching that it is not real, but apparently this guy was convinced. What an idiot!

4. The life of a blog post. What happens after you push the publish button?

5. Unbelievable life-like photos drawn with BIC pens (via).


Everybody have a great Monday!

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