Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Uninspiring Menu

Lately the menu in the Check/Hacker/Larrette household has been a little un-inspiring. Some mac and cheese, fried bologna sandwiches, nachos, and sometimes nothing more than a few slices of bread with butter. Easy things. Things that I don't really feel bloggy about.


Sunday, I wanted something a little fancier for a snack, so out came the Prosciutto, 'fresh' Mozzaralla, Basil, and Cantaloup. Deliciousness ensued:


Other than that, I made some pineapple pork tenderloin last night, which tasted all-right (needed to marinate in pineapple juice to get better flavor), and was very un-picture worthy.


Hopefully this week will re-ignite the creativity in our kitchen! Tonight I'm thinking maybe some Pene tossed with garlic oil, snow peas, ham, and fresh Parmesan.

What are you making for dinner tonight?


Catalyst said...

We got a new cookbook the other day: "The Best International Recipe" by the same people who brought you "The Best Recipe". I've been through it and am now just waiting for inspiration to call me to the kitchen. Or hunger.

Mike said...

I don't know for sure what we are having, but right now I am wishing it was pork tenderloin.

My guess is that it is going to be left-over Chinese though.

TomboCheck said...

Catalyst - I'm thinking probably hunger will call first?
Normally that is the only thing that makes me want to cook. I'll see something on one of the cooking blogs i subscribe to, and I start salivating. That is what i make for dinner. :)

Mike - The pork tenderloin was so-so. It could have been a lot better, but I was a lazy bastard and didn't put the effort into it. Oh well, it turns into really tasty sandwich meat!

The other half is really weird about eating left-overs, so generally leftover take-out food gets thrown in the bin before I have a chance to get at it.

C.Rag said...

GREAT! Now I'm hungry & all I have for lunch is small container of lentils.

TomboCheck said...

C. Rag - Just close your eyes and imagine that those lentils are a real meal..?