Friday, January 11, 2008

Cross Processing Photos

I have an admission. I like weird photos. I like photos with weird colors. I like photos that have weird angles, and photos with weird subjects. Photos with weird faces, and weird shapes. I am a weirdo.
Lately I have been diggin' the cross processed photos like these. Those bright colors, the blown highlights, the sense of modern vintage, these things call to me. The blues and yellows seem to impart an age to the photos which may be in contrast to their subject. This duality flat out does something for me. I am a weirdo.

And this weirdo decided to try his hand and x-processing some of his own photos. Some turned out well, and most of those got their own PHOTOSET dedicated to them. Here are some of my favorites, let me know what you think!

The Caddy looks pretty awesome:

Who is that vintage dog?:

Looks like Marciano is stuck in a bad 80s horror movie:




Mike said...

I like them all, but that Caddy photo is awesome.

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Mike!

Catalyst said...

I'm drawn to that monster cone DaNeece has in her hand!

TomboCheck said...

They don't mess around with their cones at Tastee Freeze!