Thursday, January 10, 2008

Foreign Visitors

Dang, I'm up to 10 different countries that have visited this blog. And even 8 different states within the U.S.A.


Man, don't I suddenly feel like Mr. Freaking Popular? Actually.. yeah, I kind of do. 

Thanks for stopping in everybody!


Mike said...

Once the word of your great pictures and crazy cooking skills spread, you'll be famous in no time.

TomboCheck said...

And they my plan to take over the world will come to fruition. BWUHAHAHAHAHA <-- evil laughter.

Mike said...

As long as you cook some of the meatloaf from your previous post for all of your loyal subjects, taking over the world should be a walk in the park.

TomboCheck said...

*You will eat my meatloaf, you will be subservient...*