Friday, January 18, 2008

Bionic Eyes, and really really black stuff.


Take a look at this article.
I find this type of stuff really interesting because it seems like it is coming right out of a hollywood movie studio.

Engineers at the University of Washington have for the first time used manufacturing techniques at microscopic scales to combine a flexible, biologically safe contact lens with an imprinted electronic circuit and lights.

The design is at the very beginning stages right now, but eventually they believe that they can utilize this technology to create a HUD that overlays the world around you .  And then it's just a matter of time until some kid hacks the technology so he can look at porn all day long.



Also - scientists have created the Blackest Material Known To Man

..the material is close to the long-sought ideal black, which could absorb all colors of light and reflect none.

"All the light that goes in is basically absorbed," Pulickel Ajayan, who led the research team at Rice University in Houston, said in a telephone interview. "It is almost pushing the limit of how much light can be absorbed into one material."

Through the use of Nano-Tubes standing on end, they have made something that has a refraction index of 1.05 which is close to that of air. What does this mean to joe-schmoe? It could mean more efficient solar cells, which (in the long long run) would make solar cells more economical and smaller. Plus it might help scientists find out more about the world on a quantum level. And other nifty things I am sure.

More scientific info about it can be found here.


Mike said...

My own personal HUD. Wow. What will they think of next?

TomboCheck said...

Pretty soon it's going to be a computer that can clean your mashed potato mess up (sans chihuahua).