Friday, January 11, 2008

A Thursday night surprise

So mid-day yesterday Ken from Sir Speedy (who does our company's printing) came up with an extra set of tickets to see the Blue Man Group, and wanted to know if I was interested.


SIDENOTE: Not only did I not know who the Blue Man Group was (other than some show that happened in vegas, and did some intel commercials), but I had never been to a concert event before. I was in for a surprise.


The show was at the Tim's Toyota Center in Prescott Valley, which is a small venue. We had floor seats 7 rows back. So basically - we had freakin awesome seats! The opening act was Mike Relm, a scratch DJ who not managed to lay down some awesome tracks along with entertaining the hell out of this audience (see video below).


After Mike was done it was time for BMG to hit the stage. The name of the tour is 'How to Be a MegaStar 2.1', and after the opening music they show an infomercial for Rodco's (making fun of Ron Popeil) instructional DVD on being a rockstar. The DVD teaches such moves as 'The Head Bob', 'The One-Handed Fist Pump', 'Raise the Roof', 'Head Back Yell', and the venerable 'Ode to Floppie the Banjo Clown hand gestrue' (see the video on this page for the comical description of this gesture).


The BMG's instruments are made primarily out of modified PVC pipe, though they do have some awesome things called 'AirPoles' which are fiberglass whips. The sounds from these instruments are peculiarly soothing and enjoyable.


The band was good, though they did overpower the Blue Man instruments fairly easily. The show was entertaining, and a good time was had by all. Super glad that we got a chance to see these guys play in our little venue in P-Town.


Video of Mike Relm:


Video of BMG 'drum-bone' performance which started off the show:

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