Friday, March 21, 2008

Another grillin night

With the weather currently as nice as it is here (high 60s), I can't help but opt for grilling dinner. Not only does it give that nice flamey taste (you all know what I mean) to the meat, but I can cook a lot of things on the grill and not dirty too many dishes.


For example, dinner last night:


The only thing that didn't get cooked on the little magical box outside the back door was the rice.


Nothing terribly fancy, just a quick meal of chicken slathered in barbecue sauce, green beans (with butter and garlic, wrapped up in tin-foil), zatarains rice with a bit of sour cream, and some delicious roasted garlic bread from the Pangaea Bakery.


Simple yet effective. The green beans were a little undercooked, but I still managed to eat every last one of mine. MMmmmm


melissa said...

simple but effective. that sums up a good weeknight meal right there. :) I really, REALLY need to get a new grill though, dang.

TomboCheck said...

I'm still using the hand-me-down grill that my dad gave me 3 years ago. Sometimes I marvel at the fact that it still works (now being a total of almost 10 years old!)