Monday, March 17, 2008

Gadget Protection

Today the mailman brought me yet another package! Three Invisible Shields for the cameras in my house. I started looking around for screen protectors after noticing that the screen on my Canon SD800is was getting a little scuffed up with normal wear and tear. Something I definitely wanted to avoid on the new G9.


The site shows lots of promotional videos talking about how this film was designed for the military, is super strong... blah blah blah. I'm a sucker though, and promotional videos always make me want to buy something, which is why I'm not allowed to have a credit card handy during infomercials. Lots of people were saying that this Invisible Shield was the stuff to go for though, so I figured I would give them a try.


Normal price for camera screen protectors is about $12, but through the magic of the internet I managed to find them for half of that, so I ordered three. One for the G9, one for DaNece's Olympus E-500, and one for the Canon SD-800. With shipping (because I wanted it faster than their 'free shipping') I got all three for $25.


Check out one of the linked reviews for in depth info on installation. Basically you apply it just like window tint, which means that I now have my G9 all shielded up in under 5 minutes. Super easy, and doesn't have much effect on the view through the LCD (anytime you put something shiny on an LCD you will see a reflection at some angle, but it isn't much worse than what I was getting without it.)


Of course nothing makes me feel like a sucker more than reading the first line in the packaging: "The best investment you will never see!"


Hopefully it is as good as everybody is saying it is. :) I'm sure there will be a long-term review of it down the road.


Jeffrey said...

yeah, one thing i do look for in screen protectors is the hardness of the plastic.. i hate the ones with soft and squishy plastic that your nails end up digging into..its gotta be hard and crisp.

TomboCheck said...

So far so good. The glare is slightly increased compared to w/out the protector, but that is to be expected.

And this stuff is mighty tough! I tried trimming the edge with my pocket knife, and it wouldn't go through without CONSIDERABLE effort.

I am very pleased with the product. :)