Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A whole bunch of random.

No theme to these, each one just caught my attention.


1. Abandoned Hydroelectric Plant:


Ten stories under Niagra falls sits an abandoned hydroelectric plant from the Toronto Power Company.


Not a lotof information about the people who explored the pipes, but a there is some history about the plant, and some more pictures at the website.


That is the kind of place you hope the batteries don't die on your light!


2. Uncle Dirty


Uncle Dirty is an old man who has lifted weights and worn thongs around on the beach all his life.

His hobbies? Cutting and pasting pictures of penises onto people in magazines.


A seriously interesting look into this man's life, with lots of pictures (yes, most of them are him in a thong). And probably NSFW.



3. How the Internet gets from A to B:


Lots of wires!!

See, the basic premise is that your ISP isn't really part of the whole world, so they have to connect to other ISPs in order share the information. That way your cable provider in backwater Idaho can talk to another provider in backwater China, so that you can read that cute little chinese woman's blog.


How is this done? With what's called 'meet-me rooms', where lots of ISPs connect to eachother. The link goes to a picture gallery for a meet-me room in LA where 260 providers all come together and hook up with each other. It takes up almost an entire high-rise building.


4. Quote by Henry Clay:

“Let him who elevates himself above humanity . . . say, if he pleases, "I will never compromise"; but let no one who is not above the frailties of our common nature disdain compromise.”


5. A few new blogs that I have been reading:

- First of all, Catalyst is back up and running. Hooray!

- Tequila Mockingbird - funny funny funny.

- KatyDidNot - hilarious adventures in mom-hood.

- Beer is NOT food - doesn't post often, but very entertaining.

- New York Photography - posts often and takes nice bw photos.


quilteddogs said...

Uncle Dirty...OMG!!!

TomboCheck said...

He's something else, that's for sure! :)