Thursday, March 20, 2008

Simple pasta dinner

DaNece says that I don't know how to make a 'simple' dinner. Personally, I think that this was a very simple dinner, but maybe that's just me?

Some angel hair pasta with a meatsauce.


What you need:

1/4 lb sweet italian sausage

1/4 lb ground beef

1 jar pasta sauce (I used Classico)

a few fistfulls of cheese (asiago and romano is what we used)

1 shallot

1 portabello mushroom

1/2 of a zucchini

fresh basil

fresh rosemary

fresh garlic

various other spices

*if you like thinner sauces, get a can or two of tomato sauce*


To make:

- get a pot of water boiling and pre-heat a pan

- mince up a few cloves of garlic, some fresh basil, and some rosemary and throw in a medium sized bowl

- slice your zucchini, portabello, and shallot and place in separate dish

- grind some black pepper and throw it in the bowl, add some oregano, thyme, cayenne, and whatever other spices toot your horn

- throw your meat in the bowl and mix it up

- brown the meat in the pre-heated pan

- once brown, drain the grease however you care to (I just title the pan and soak it up with some paper towels, but I'm sure there are better ways out there)

- then throw in your jar of pasta sauce (and tomato sauce if you want like thin sauces), shallot, mushroom, and zucchini

- toss most of the cheese in there as well, reserving some for bread and garnish.

- cook sauce over medium or medium low, stirring every few minutes

- cook your pasta when the water is boiling. If you need instructions: read the box.

- put some butter and cheese on the bread and throw it under the broiler until cheese is melted and ideally starting to brown.


Now just throw some pasta on a plate, cover with sauce, throw a dash of cheese on top, and add bread.


What is so un-simple about that?? :) I must be crazy.


melissa said...

totally simple. but then again, I have my own food blog so I may be thinking a little differently. ;)

funny thing. six degrees to funny thing kind of thing. I had seen you on mike's blog since I started reading him a bit ago. then I was on accidental hedonist last night and saw a comment by "tombo" and was like... ummm, how many tombo's could there be? so I popped on over.

so since we link to three of the same blogs, you love cooking and food (and make gooood shit), and you take purty pictures, I'm thinking I have no choice but to link you. but on my personal blog or my cooking blog? hm.


TomboCheck said...

That is funny, because that is probably the only comment I have ever posted to accidental hedonist! :) Funny how things like that happen.

Glad you are diggin the blog. :)