Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Hoooray Adobe! Booooo long time to install.

So I finally got CS3. And I want to play with it NOW!! But first I have to backup my hard-drive (because you just never know what can happen with a big install) - 35 minutes, uninstall CS2 - 25 minutes (wtf is with that?!), and install the new software - 20 minutes and counting now. Then I have to do all of the ridiculous registration stuff, which I'm sure will burn up another 15-25 minutes. An hour and a half to switch software title?!?! Crazy.

It's not like I've got some old slow computer. I'm not generally one to brag about computer specs, but I think I run a pretty kick-ass rig. I built this thing with all the goodies (3GB memory, AMD X2 4200+ processor, 1,500GB hard drive space, GeForce 7950GT video card, blah blah blah...)

But an hour and a half and counting!? My roommate says that I am just a ridiculously impatient person... I guess he's right.


Kitty said...

Is that Photoshop? (CS3?) I think I have Dreamweaver CS3 but haven't a clue how to use it. Could you post a tutorial? Thanks! x

quilteddogs said...

I have CS3 extended but haven't loaded it yet 'cause I'm kind of nervous. I didn't have CS2 so that's not a worry. Please post again to say how it went.

TomboCheck said...

Kitty - it has Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and InDesign packaged in it, though photoshop is what I will be using the most.

As for dreamweaver tutorial - I haven't used dreamweaver in a LONG time, and a lot has probably changed since the last version that I used... Sorry :)

Quilteddogs - Everything went just fine. I was kind of surprised, because I have had trouble with going from one version to another with adobe products (hence the backup), but was pleasantly surprised that it all just tooled right along. Popped in the disks when it asked for it, and restarted at the end.

The first time I opened any of the programs they took 2-3 minutes to open, but after that they load just a little slower than CS2.

One really nice thing is that Bridge and Photoshop can actually be running at the same time now, which was a pain with CS2 because they would slow you computer down unbelievably when both open.

Bridge has some nice features, with more ways to rate your images, and the ability to stack them which is nice if you take lots of exposures

I did need to download the newest Adobe Camera Raw plugin to get it to recognize the sRAW files that my new G9 creates, but that was pretty painless to do.

Photoshop so far has some very nice enhancements! My favorite is the smart filters. If you apply filters to a smart object (say blur for instance), you can go back later and change the effects of that filter. So you don't have to make backup layers when you are going to be applying filters.

Once you play with it I'm sure you will like it! :)

Let me know if you have any problems.