Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Sporting event proposal

OOOOCH! That's gotta sting! - Watch more free videos




And how about a proposal as a prank? We wouldn't be friends anymore:



C.Rag said...

#1 That chick should have just said yes so not to embarrass him & tell him in private no. What a bitch!

#2 Streety needs to take those stupid glasses of his friend crush 'em & then punch the friend in the face.

TomboCheck said...

C Rag - Saying no right on the court is pretty harsh! It's funny how the announcer says it would be funny though!

2 - yeah they had a bunch of pranks on each other back and forth, but that was by far the worst one in my opinion.

Mike said...

Man, that makes me glad that my wife proposed to me. I couldn't have handled the rejection as well as that guy did in the first video.

That second one was a great prank. I wish I would have thought of something that elaborate.

TomboCheck said...

Mike - I definitely wouldn't have handled the rejection as well as that guy did.

I love the slap in the second one. You can see the reverberations in the guys face.. :)