Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Ketchup Post

I realized that I had forgotten to mention two things on Monday.


1. We went to the opera on Friday evening. We saw La Traviata, and surprisingly enough - I enjoyed it! It was kind of like a very expensive, long, foreign movie, with cheap backdrops but a GREAT soundtrack.


It was in italian, which meant that if you wanted to know what they were saying you had to take your eyes off of the actors to read the screen, which kind of detracted from the experience.


Essentially it is a story about Violetta, a beautiful courtesan woman who is sick and dying at a young age. She falls in love with Alfredo (whom is not well-to-do), and they move in together. Alfredo's father begs Violetta to leave Alfredo because of the shame it is bringing on Alfredo's family. She agrees and leaves, but Alfredo is heart-broken. Eventually his father apologizes for the whole thing, and the two lovers are re-united, but Violetta finally succumbs to her illness and dies in Alfredo's arms.


The orchestra was great, the singing was great, so I would call it a pretty good show.



2. Dinner Sunday Night! Kielbasa, accompanied by mashed potatoes. A side of sauteed onions, peppers, and brussel sprouts, and some good italian bread with butter. Yummy!

Really easy to cook.

Boil some water - toss in the potatoes (cut into 1 inch cubes).


Pre-heat 2 pans - olive oil in 1.


Cut the ends off of the brussel sprouts, cut in half, and rinse.


Slice onions, peppers, and kielbasa.


Toss Kielbasa in un-oiled pan on medium high, and sliced veggies in the oiled pan on medium. Stir occasionally.


When the potatoes are done throw them in in the mixer with butter/salt/milk/fresh basil/fresh garlic, and mix the day away.


The kielbasa is done whenever (no seriously, you can eat it right out of the package, so however black you want it is when it is done).


To test veggies for doneness, try a brussel sprout. If it is hard to bite through, leave them in there longer.


Butter some bread and you are all done! Easy right? Talk about a 30 minute meal!

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