Thursday, February 28, 2008

Trying to have an un-boring evening.

Well after the boring day at work, I decided that the evening was absolutely not going to be boring. Something would be interesting. Of course DaNece going out shopping without me (thank you!) meant that I could do ANYTHING. So instead of throwing the tennis ball around with the dog like usual, I opted to take him for a good walk.


The funny thing about it is, normally I have a pretty set route that I walk the dog. It is a little loop that I found a few months after we moved into this house, about 4 miles long with some hills and whatnot mixed in. Generally I really enjoy this walk, but tonight I didn't believe that I was capable of dealing with the inevitable dog-who-can-jump-over-its-gate scenario, so I opted to go the opposite direction from my loop. A direction I have never gone before...


The direction we headed lead to a piece of state trust land, where I could blissfully let scrappy off of his leash, and just enjoy meandering around. It was one of those great walks where you just keep going to see what is over the next hill, until suddenly you realize that the sun is almost gone, and you now have a 45 minute walk back to the house. The land is currently 'closed' to motorized vehicles due to all the kids tearing up the soil with their quads. Thankfully foot traffic is still allowed, so I wasn't even breaking any laws to take my walk!! :)



In one direction I could see the San Francisco Peaks, and in the other: Granite Mountain.



The weather was just right to keep me comfortable, and I watched as the sun slowly descended to the horizon:

image :



And about this time I realized that I should turn around and head back to avoid walking in the dark. The show continued on the path home, with the eastward sky turning bright pink:



2 blocks from the house, and the sky lit on fire:



So not only did I get a very enjoyable 90 minute walk in blessed silence, but I also get a very un-boring light show to accompany it. Not too shabby.



katydidnot said...

makes me desperate for the desert.

Kitty said...

You and that camera are getting on just fine, aren't you? Wonderful pictures. x

TomboCheck said...

Katy - Sounds like somebody needs to make a trip out to the great sonoran goodness. :)

Kitty - Me and the camera are still in the courting phase of the relationship. I treat it super nice, take it on dates, and pretty much give it anything it wants (a better fitting case, nice big memory card, LCD protector, etc). It, in turn, puts forth a shy and coy face, and generally acts like it has better suitors waiting for it. Teasing me with the possibilities and never quite giving me what I really want.

I'm sure in about a year we will be married, I will be sick of the nagging and looking for a younger model. :P