Monday, February 25, 2008

A weekend review

A slow weekend.


Bright and sunny Saturday was spent cleaning house, and cooking a gnocchi dinner for a friend (post later this week on that).


Sunday was supposed to be a hike day after having breakfast at a friends house, but rainy weather prevented that from happening.


We did get to see some wildlife outside of our friend's window though, which DaNece was thrilled about. Just some simple squirrels eating breakfast with us:



Other than that, it was a trip to Manzanita Outdoor to get some gear, and get DaNece fitted for shoes. Apparently the whole staff got trained on professional footwear fitting, and they spent about an hour getting measurements and having DaNece try on different pairs of shoes to see what she would like.


We didn't get the shoes that day (she wanted to think about 2 different pairs before laying down the dough), but we still managed to spend over $300 there. It's scary; they know me by name now. :)


A few movies were rented; Layer Cake, Family Guy: Blue Harvest, and Martian Child.

-The family guy is a must-see for any star wars geek who doesn't take things too seriously. Quagmire as C-3P0? Priceless

-Layer Cake was exactly my kind of movie! Done by the producer of Snatch and Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. If you liked those movies you will like this one, though it is not written buy Guy Ritche.

-Martian Child not yet watched, but the previews looked good even though I don't generally like John Cusack.


One great thing that happened was that I was running about 1/2 hour late for work this morning. Normally this would be a bad thing, right? Well today it meant I got to enjoy a sunrise while driving in. I can't wait till I can see this every morning while on my way to work:


Definitely worth being late for that goodness.


And the box with all my camera accessories just came in! Case, spare battery, and memory card now in hand. Wednesday or Thursday the camera itself should be coming in. HOOOORAAAAYYYY!


Mike said...

Great picture Tombo.

We had a slow weekend here too and sometimes those are the very best.

Looking forward to your food post.

TomboCheck said...

Mike - definitely true, the slow ones sometimes are the best! :)