Monday, February 18, 2008


I had every intention of downloading all my pictures from our hike this weekend, and dinner. I also intended to sit down and do a serious weekend re-cap post to the blog. But then I decided that holidays count as weekends, and thusly I could not fully re-cap something that had not finished happening yet.


So a brief synopsis so far (sans pictorials):

- We went to the Lynx Lake Cafe for lunch, their german food still rocks

- We went and watched the movie Jumper

- We sat at home and watched some movies (The Life of David Gale, The Pink Panther, Idiocracy, Dodgeball)

- We went for a beautimus hike

- We created our first beer-batter and fried up some fish and chips


Plus today we are going for a drive. Don't know where yet, but it should be a good time regardless of direction.


Pictures and all that good stuff following the end of the official weekend. :)

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Chickenbells said...

Sounds good "so far"...I will be excited about the pictures and to hear where and how your drive was...