Wednesday, February 27, 2008


Wow, I get upset when I accidentally drop a $300 digital camera. I can't imagine how bad this guy felt.


Virtuoso musician David Garrett smashed a $1 million (£540,000) violin when he fell over after a concert in London over Christmas.

Apparently, David fell down a flight of stairs (due to some very spiffy-looking performance shoes). Fortunately; he is all right, as his violin case broke his fall.  Unfortunately; the violin was crushed in several places. Estimated repair costs? Over $100,000 dollars!!! Ouch!


Chickenbells said...

Ouch is right. I fell down this winter for no reason other than I wasn't paying attention to where I was going...but the MacBook broke my fall. Not only do I have a wonderful case for it...but I have apple protection, although I don't know if the warranty covers me falling on it...

TomboCheck said...

Hmm.. I'd stick with the case. You never can seem to rely on warranties to cover what happens to your machine. :)