Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The new goodness!


The new G9 is here. Be still my beating heart. I haven't had the opportunity to play with it much yet, but I can say that so far; so good! And my favorite feature so far? The manual focus capability!! Something I have dreamed about for doing macros!


Now, after taking 2,506 photos with my SD800, DaNece will be taking over stewardship of this guy:


It's a little bruised and battered, but I think she will have a blast with it (even if she does give me grief for the hand-me-down status of her new toy).


So, what did I take my first few pictures of (other than my old camera of course)?? Scrappy-Doo, after a good bout of ball chasing!



Aah, the beginning of a whole new adventure in photography. And I'm afraid that you, my readers, will be the ones to suffer the brunt of my learning woes during this exploration. I apologize in advance.

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