Monday, February 18, 2008

A little hike.

On Saturday DaNece and I took a little stroll out to a new trail. Located right across the street from the Aspen Creek Trail, trail 393 curls away from Copper Basin rd. towards town. The many switchbacks give you an easier hike, and time to enjoy the beautiful little valleys that you walk through. If I figure correctly (which rarely happens) then this trail meets up with the Sierra Prietta Outlook trail.


We spent about 3 hours on the trail at a leisurely pace covering about 4 miles. The weather was almost perfect (a bit on the cold side in the shade). There was still snow on the ground, but not enough to cause any real difficulty unless you go off-trail.


One of the best parts of the trail is the little water fall that is created from snow-melt we had a grand old time taking pictures around here:


Heck, even Scrappy-Doo had a good time stretching over the stream:


We followed it through until it met up with a forest service road, then turned back around and headed for the truck. Would also be a good trail for mountain bikes (as was evidenced by multiple bike tracks along the way).



sheoflittlebrain said...

It was a joy to accompany you on your hike! It's wonderful to see the creek gurgling along, and the little waterfall.... it brings back memories of hikes along Hassyampa Creek years ago.. Thanks Tombo:)

TomboCheck said...

Well I'm glad you enjoyed! :) I love late winter/early spring hiking because it's one of the few times when there is water everywhere from the snow melt.

Come summer it will be lots of dry hikes, or long drives to see water.

Chickenbells said...

Oh...that looks just divine! I love all the water that is abounding...I was hiking Aker in town and this older couple waved and yelled,(mostly because I had the iPod on...) "there's a lot of mud up there!!!" and they were right, there was tons of mud, but it really added a more fun ski-like element to my hiking that I find is sometimes lacking here in the middle of the drought...

TomboCheck said...

:) Mud can be fun as long as you don't accidentally drop the spendy toys (iPod, camera, gps, etc) in it. Then suddenly: not so fun.