Friday, May 30, 2008

Balboa park

Monday we finally remembered to set our alarm, and checked out of the hotel by 7am. We headed right for Balboa Park, and at this early hour the massive press of other tourists had yet to show up. We parked, and started meandering around.


I have to say, I was really impressed by this park. It is a photographers playhouse, with ridiculously ornate architecture all over the place.


Along with a very nifty reflecting pond:


And plenty of trees to take photos of:


We even managed to get a cutesy photo of us on the tree


As we got ready to leave the park we came upon a big fountain (apparently one that many people photograph), and decided to take our obligatory photos.


Oddly, as we are taking pictures a homeless man decided that he wanted to meander around the fountain. Figuring that he saw us there taking pictures, I decided he was fair game as a photographic subject:


After the fountain we found our way back to the car and headed over to meet Matt for breakfast, and then made the drive home.


Vacation successful. :)


All photos from the vacation. <--- Trying something new here, and would like to know if you guys like this presentation, or would rather see the photoset view.


melissa said...

I like the page rather than the photoset.

I love Balboa Park. Did you go in any of the museums? A year after we moved to North San Diego from Dallas, we decided to be tourists in our own town for a weekend. We got the passes for Balboa Park where it's like $100 for two days for all 11 museums. I wish you guys had had the time to do that.

Next time you should try going to Cabrillo Monument and lighthouse. You're standing way up there on the tip of land with the endless Pacific on one side and looking down on all of San Diego on the other. Amazing.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - Thanks!

I wish we would have had time to do museums, but saturday and sunday were packed with other things, and monday we had to get home. It was really nice getting there before everything opened though, because we didn't have do deal with throngs of people.

The automotive museum was calling to me though... :)

Next time we go out we are planning on doing some museums, the zoo, and by your description the Cabrillo monument.

Thanks for the info. :)