Thursday, May 22, 2008

No blogging

No real blogging until next week probably. The motherboard is looking like it is bad on the work laptop, so it is not currently operational, parts should be here tomorrow.


Doing side work for a client, and ended up having to do a hard-as-hell data recovery (MBR Records destroyed, and the File Table got f*cked up, so many hours spent recovering files), which I need to deliver tonight. This means I need to get windows installed, and up to date so that they can start installing their programs over again.


Getting packed and ready to head out to California tomorrow for a Matt's Graduation from SDSU with a Masters in Accounting. Crazy bastard, but congratulations regardless!


We will be in Cali until Monday, at which point we come back, and then I turn around and take my Mom down to Phoenix Monday night, for her flight early the next day. Then I drive back to P-Town tuesday before work, and hopefully get my clutch squared away on wednesday.


Busy busy busy. :) See you all next week!

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Chickenbells said...

Have a safe and fun trip!! Say hello to the ocean for me...