Thursday, May 22, 2008

Hey, another somebody used my picture!

Check out this site about the Chino Valley airplane crash


Anonymous said...

Tombo, that sucks! They did link to your Flickr account, but a Copyright Credit Line is needed in this form “©2008 Tom Check.” Copyright laws have changed so much, It seems that everything is assumed to be in the public domain. I don’t mind myself if somebody uses an image of mine for non-profit or for their blog, but a courtesy credit line is a must for the linkers. When an entity or business uses it, that’s different. Their website is a Wiki, I’ll try to insert it!

TomboCheck said...

Appreciate the thought PrescottStyle, but all my images are released under Creative Commons. As long as they link back to me, they can do whatever they want with my images (within reason).

I'm just happy to find my images on the internet. :)

melissa said...

Aaaand I guess he inserted it cause I saw it there. Nice job Tom!

Gadget said...


I started putting a copyright on my shots as a COMMERCIAL PUBLICATION used one of my shots in an article. Worse than that, they didn't give credit, provide a link, etc. And it looked like the author of the article was also the photographer. Fortunately a friend familiar with my site saw the article and forwarded it to me.

I happily use Creative Commons too, but I'll tell you, many people violate even that nice copyright.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - Thanks!

Gadget - I remember hearing about your photo copyright woes (An airstream publication right?). I can understand putting copyrights on after that. I'm generally happy with just a link for now. Who knows, I may have problems as well.... the internets is a dangerous place. :)