Friday, May 9, 2008

Lunchtime Rodeo

*Patriotic Horse Fence*

My lunchtime walk yesterday found me meandering up to the Prescott rodeo grounds, home of the world's oldest rodeo.

Technically, it really isn't the oldest rodeo, since the Spanish have been having competitions of cowboys (referred to as vaquero) since ancient times. What it really claims to be is the World's oldest continuous rodeo, as it has been running every year now for 120 years.

Anyway, my lunch hour walk found me wandering around the rodeo grounds, not entirely sure if I was allowed to be there or not. I didn't see a single 'No Trespassing' sign, but there were a lot of locked gates which were easily gotten around by taking the long way.


*Patriotic Seating*

So as I take a few snaps from down in the arena, an older guy drives up to me in a big white truck and I think to myself; 'Surely, now I am screwed. Now comes the questions of what exactly I think I'm doing here, and did I notice the fact that the gates were locked? And can I please delete all the pictures you have taken and we will consider not calling the cops on you."


Down comes his window.


*Livestock Building B*

"What are you doing with your spare time?" he asks somewhat gruffly.


Mind racing I try to think of what the right answer is.... Right, honest best policy.


"You're looking at it." I reply quietly, trying to get a read on his attitude from his eyes. They are as blank as ice.

*Sponsors of the Prescott Frontier Days*


"Well...... would you mind helping me take some crates up to the announcer's box?"


Wait.... what? My mind reels, and I stammer that affirmatively, I would help him move the crates.


PHEW!!! Totally not in trouble. So I helped him move a case up to the announcer's box, and he tells me about the event this weekend that he is getting setup for. I wished him well, and told him I would stop by to check out the event.


*Staging stalls around the arena*

So we are totally going to the rodeo grounds this Saturday night to checkout the Roughstock Explosion, AND I didn't get in trouble! Truly a Win-Win kind of day.

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Chickenbells said...

Rich gets to get in early to the rodeo grounds...maybe I could meet you guys and sit with you for the rodeo? Let me know when you're going to be there, or if that works for you...

OH, and I like the pictures of the empty grounds. I'm still a little sad that they don't hold the fair there anymore...sigh.