Thursday, May 29, 2008

A day for us



Sunday was the day that we had dedicated to just us in our plan. No friends, no expectations, just a little me and D time, acting like our goofy ass touristy selves.


We were determined to get up early and go shoot some photos downtown and by the bay. Sadly though, neither of us remembered to set the alarm clock. So our 5 o'clock picture time got moved back to 8 as we scrambled to our destination.


We meandered through the Gaslamp quarter, and all around downtown, taking pictures. Sadly, neither of us were inspired by the area, and so photographs weren't what we had imagined.


We caught breakfast at MJ's CoffeeShop. This was honestly the best food of the whole trip. Awesome meat/egg/cheese sandwiches for both of us, and a latte. The wait staff was very friendly as well, so it was a winner. If you don't mind spending $35-40 on breakfast for two, this is a darn fine place to go.


From breakfast we decided to head over to San Diego Bay for some pictures of the boats.


There were some fishing boats in the harbor, which fish for everything from Lobster and Cod to Shark and Sturgeon:


Due to the naval base nearby there are some cool memorials and naval ships to see. Like this memorial for WWII Sailors:


And this sculpture, created from the iconic photo of the end of WWII:



There is also the venerable USS Midway aircraft carrier hanging out in the water, which has been converted to a museum:

We of course did the museum tour, and spent two hours taking plenty of pics inside.


After wandering around by foot we decided to drive around a bit and locate a bridge that had caught our eye while driving. After making plenty of wrong turns and U-turns we finally found it. It is the Cabrillo Bridge, which leads into Balboa Park.


Upon driving over the bridge we were greeted with thousands of people milling about. We were also greeted by some very pretty architecture, and decided that we would come back before heading home on Monday.


We left the masses at the park, and headed back to the hotel to get ready for dinner.


I was determined to have a sushi dinner while in California. Sadly, since Matt was unable to provide any restaurant recommendations, I was forced to abide by the whims of Internet reviews. A restaurant was decided on that was 15 minutes away. It was called Ono Sushi.


If you are ever in San Diego do not, I repeat: DO NOT eat at Ono Sushi. I should have known better.

Sign 1: I walked in and not a single sushi chef was Japanese.


Sign 2: With the exception of me and DaNece, everybody there was a hipster. Most wearing $300 sunglasses inside, toting overpriced hand bags, and flashy watches.


Sign 3: Nobody sitting at the sushi bar.

The food was barely mediocre, and the chef didn't know how to properly slice a scallop for sushi, so I got a mangled mess of meat on top of rice. Had a spicy tuna roll which was almost decent, but overall I was un-impressed. Hell, Esoji is worlds better than this place, and much closer to home.


Post Dinner we decided to catch a movie. In particular we decided to catch the new Indiana Jones movie. The movie was decent, but neither of us were big fans of the storyline. They did do a great job on filming it in the style of the original movies though, and there was plenty of humor injected in for good measure.


A great day for just the two of us.


katydidnot said...

hey! you're here! where i live!

awesome. we could switch sometime!

TomboCheck said...

Dang, wish I would have known! I bet you totally could have helped out with a good restaurant experience. :)

I'll totally give you a heads up next time we are headed over (probably this fall by the way DaNece is talking). :)

melissa said...

Totally not a boring vacation post. :)

You know what you might want to do next time you come? Go here:

And type in the address where you'll be staying and browse nearby restaurants. That site is invaluable to me for finding good food, here or on vacation. Sorry I couldn't be of more assistance.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - I'm always afraid that it will be like sitting through Uncle Larry's vacation slideshow, with narration by Aunt Janine when I do vacation posts. Nobody wants to go through that, and so deserve just warning of the possibility.

TomboCheck said...

oh and thanks for the link, i'll check it out.