Friday, May 9, 2008

Friday Fun

Stuff from around the blogosphere:

- 75 Skills every man should master - entertaining list, with a lot of truth to it. But seriously: #69 Tie a knot: square not?!?!  Let's get everybody to tie a knot with little value beyond its ease of construction.


I did like #55 though, how to point north at any time using your wrist watch.


- National Geographic amazing images






- An upstart band can't afford the camera equipment to create a music video. So they setup in front of CCTVs, then request the footage under the Data Protection Act, and stitch it together. Brilliant!



- Dynamite Surfing (truly idiotic!):



- Stupid kid gets owned by a tuba player: - Watch more free videos


- This guy didn't want to get any more telemarketer calls (NSFW language):


melissa said...

I adore the national geographic pics. have you seen the planet earth series from discovery from last year?

TomboCheck said...

I totally love the planet earth series! The only problem is sigourny weaver's voice puts me to sleep faster you can imagine. I had to tivo the whole series because i kept falling asleep in the first ten minutes of every episode. :)

melissa said...

you should buy it on blu-ray (or dvd or whatnot) since the team who produced it did so for the UK, it has david attenborough narrating. now HE puts me to sleep. I actually like sigourney weaver's voice, very warm. when we had her versions on (but not attenborough's), our cat would sit and watch it for like a half hour straight, it was hilarious.