Monday, May 12, 2008

Sunday Hike

*Firstly, let me apologize for the lack-luster writing ahead. I apparently have yet another bout of the flu, and am having trouble making cohesive sandwiches while at work*


Sunday found us 2 hours away from home, slowly driving bumping our way down a back road to the North side of Sycamore Basin, following Rich and Sadira.

We arrived at Trail 63, and began the hike into what we were hoping would be a water-filled valley. Sadly this was not the case. An hour into the hike and we hadn't spotted a single drop of the wet stuff.


We did, however, spot lots of cacti in bloom, like this little guy:


So, a bit turned off by the heat, wind, and lack of watery goodness, we turned around to head home. Along the way home we stopped at the a dis-used and abused house along the way. I totally copied Rich and took some shots to later convert to HDR.

The house:


A water tank outside:


And the green water inside the tank:


I even managed to get a right fine picture of DaNece:


From the house it was back home to cook mom a mother's day dinner of Chicken Apple Quesadillas!


All in all it was a very pretty hike, but not one that I will be repeating anytime soon. Hopefully the next hike will be either the lava river caves, or wet beaver creek.




C.Rag said...

Mmm...wet beaver...

AngryGinger said...

I want those Chicken Apple Quesadillas!
Feed Me!!

TomboCheck said...

c.rag - Mmmmmmm

Angryginger - I would totally send them via your registry, but didn't see them listed... :)

Chickenbells said...

Oh no...I' sorry you don't feel well. I hardly spent time near you enough to breathe on you...and I'm still sticking by my original diagnosis of food poisoning. darn it.

You got some great shots Tom, and I had a wonderful time on Sunday! The picture of DaNece is very prudy indeed!!

melissa said...

I'm sorry but I'm laughing at:

and am having trouble making cohesive sandwiches while at work

freudian slip? what didja have for lunch? ;)

I am sorry you're sick again though. that sucks a fat one.

lovely photos, as always. that's a nice picture of danece too!

TomboCheck said...

Sadira - I'm sure it isn't your fault. :) Just giving you a ration of shit. :P

Melissa - haha, yeah, totally didn't even notice that. I must have been looked at my sandwich post right before this one. :) Oops.

melissa said...

awww I seriously was teasing you, hope ya know. :)

TomboCheck said...

:) It's all good.