Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A graduate in our midst


Friday we departed from our fair town in search of the coast. We were headed to San Diego. A good friend was graduating from SDSU with his master's degree. I figured you only get your master's once (unless you are a total masochist), so it would be worthy for us to make the 7 hour journey to wish him well.


We decided to make it a bit of a vacation, what with it being a holiday weekend and whatnot. We arrived at our hotel at around midnight, and were up early the next morning to go to the ceremony.


Matt and his Mom. See the relief on her face that he is finally done accruing debt for school?:


After meeting up with Matt and family, we headed into the Cox Arena and spent the next two hours of our lives listening to the droning on of hundreds of names. All graduates from the Business Administration program at the school (apparently they have seven different graduation ceremonies, to accommodate the ~2000 graduates).


The graduates of Business Administration, taking up nearly the entirety of a basketball court sized area:


Afterwards we headed to PB Bar and Grill for lunch. Hamburgers were darn tasty. Post-lunch me and DaNece did some driving around, looking for things of interest to take pictures of the following day, and eventually we all met up again downtown for dinner.


Now, whoever thought this would be a good idea, was sadly mistaken. Because they failed to take into account the fact that it was Memorial Day weekend, in addition to the Gaslamp Jazz Festival also going on a few blocks away.


The wait for a table of eight was 3 1/2 hours. So we walked and talked to a few other restaurants, and Matthew was able to get us into a restaurant called Dussini within ten minutes, though the group was split into two tables.


What a disappointment this place was. Not only was the service just plain bad, but the food wasn't on par for what the joint was projecting. When I'm paying $60/plate I expect to be wowed. And while the food wasn't bad, it wasn't nearly worth the money, and putting up with the rude waitress. Marked on the list of places never to return to. :)


Once dinner was completed all the boys went out to the bars, while DaNece and I made our way back to the hotel to catch up on the shut eye. We had a big day ahead of us on Sunday!


melissa said...

Sorry the food wasn't good. I really wish I could have directed you to more out of the way good spots, but I just don't know that area well enough. Didn't know you would end up downtown... yeah, that sucks. Wish you could have eaten Mexican near Old Town. Some of that stuff is really good eats.

Congratulations to your friend (and his mom LOL)!

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - yeah the whole weekend was mediocre food at best. We drove through old town, but after looking for a parking space for 20 minutes, we gave up. Damn holiday weekends. :)

Chickenbells said...

Congratulations to the Masters! Wow...that is a huge accomplishment...that would be celebrated by eating some crazy good food! Too bad that didn't happen. I rarely have a bad meal in almost expect the food to be good when you go there.

Well, at least there's the ocean right?

TomboCheck said...

Sadira - Yeah, at least there was the ocean. But we were only there for about ten minutes. Weather was rainy and cool so no beach day. :(

Oh well, there is always next time for good food. :)