Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Coffeetable Book - in progress

Last week I alluded that I found a great way to create a coffee-table book. Now for a little more info!


When I had originally tried to setup my coffeebook layouts I was using Adobe Photoshop. While this worked okay, it was very time-consuming, and in the end it was way more work that it was worth. It took all the fun out of the project, which is why I didn't start it over after my computer took a dive.


So after deciding to make another go at this whole book-creation thing I started looking for other software to use that would work for what I wanted to do. And that is when I happened upon a post on 'The Viewfinder', extolling the virtues of Lumapix FotoFusion. I watched his video tutorial and was impressed by the apparent ease of use of the program. Now, anytime I hear about a program that is easy to use I am skeptical about how functional it can be. It seems like most programs dumb things down to make them easier, which greatly limits the ability of a person to be creative (which is why I'm not just using Blurb's layout software in the first place).


But every once in a while you get a program that is easy to use, and powerful enough to throw your creative weight around with it. FotoFusion is one of those programs. I've been playing with the software for a week and half now, and it is rockin' my world. No it isn't as powerful as photoshop, but it doesn't need to be. My photos have already been edited and dressed up, so I don't need to go in and make tiny little minute detail changes. What I need is a program to put picture to [metaphorical] paper. And Lumapix hit the mark with this little number.


I would seriously recommend anybody that is interested in creating albums, or who enjoys scrapbooking; try the software. There is a free trial that you can download and play with. And watch that video tutorial linked to above. Yeah it is long (21 minutes!), but it gives you a great idea of how nice this program really is.


As far as my book is concerned this is a godsend. It allows me to spend my time being looking at pictures, not counting pixels and inches. Right now I've got about one hundred pages done for my book, and am nearing the end.

Once I get the design finished I will send it off to Blurb to get it printed, and if I'm happy with the results I will post up a link for anybody that wants to buy a copy.


melissa said...

Fabulous idea and it sounds doable. I just don't know when I'd find time to do it heheh. And hell yes, I'd love to buy a copy of yours!

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - The great thing is that with this software it doesn't take a lot of time. I'll hopefully have all my layouts finalized by this weekend, and then I will order my proof book by next week.

I'll let you know how it turns out. :)

Tony Reynolds said...

Tom, Thanks for comments on PFAA Show. Yes, I have used a blurb book for my portfolio/brochure and it seems to work well when presenting to prospective galleries. I needed to concentrate on specific issues/attributes of the sculptures and worry less on the high technicals of the pictures. I think your work will demand a greater emphasis on the high technicals and so your choice of work tools is right on the money. Let's us know when it's going to press.

TomboCheck said...

Tony - Well thanks for letting me know about the gallery show. I'm always interested in checking out the local art scene (sculpture, graffiti, and otherwise). I'm just sorry I couldn't make it out yesterday while you were there.

The blurb book looked perfect for a portfolio. It gave a much more in depth view than any of the other artist information sheets. And so long as I don't have any weird color cast issues or bleed problems I should hopefully be good to print additional copies in about 2 weeks. :)