Monday, July 7, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Well two birthdays occurred this weekend. One was America's, and the other was mine! I am officially 24 years old now, and boy do I feel no different than last week.


We spent most of the 4th hanging out with family that was in town from Flagstaff and Parker (nixed the idea of going to the Rodeo). Breakfast was had, and a movie (Wanted) was watched. Due to some odd stomach issues that evening I canceled the plans we had to go to a bbq, and ended up falling asleep at 7:30, effectively missing all the fireworks. Oh well, there is always next year.


Saturday we went to see another movie (Iron Man), went home and watched some more movies (Meet the Robinsons, Team America, Vantage Point, and parts of the Punisher). A very nice day of vegging.


My birthday (Sunday) was a pretty boring day. We had breakfast with my cousin and her family who are moving to Florida. Me and D were thinking of taking the dogs out to the woods for a hike, but decided that the mud from monsoons would be more than we wanted to deal with. So we ended up hanging out at home for the rest of the day. The sushi restaurant that I like isn't open on Sundays, so we decided that fried bologna, egg and cheese sandwiches were the ticket, and promptly made some up.


All in all, not too shabby of a weekend. :)


In un-related, and fairly depressing news; a local woman, Carol Kennedy, was killed on Thursday. Pretty sad news for this community. I did computer work for Carol, she was a top-notch lady. My sister also did some artwork with Carol, and was pretty good friends with her.


She leaves behind two great daughters, who I hope are coping as best as possible.


Catalyst said...

Happy birthday, Tombo! 24? Man, I can't even remember when I was 24!

TomboCheck said...

Thanks Catalyst!

Kitty said...

Oh my God - you are so young!!! Happy Birthday, hope you had a really good one, and here's wishing you a wonderful year ahead. x

Prescottstyle said...

Happy Birthday Tombo. Sounds like a real hoot!
I'm trying out the new blog list Wiki, I put you in there.
Hey Tombo, what do you know about setting up those controlable web cams like the Flagstaff cam?

TomboCheck said...

Kitty - yep, I got a few years left in me. :) The birthday itself was bleh, nothing exciting. But I'm sure the year will pick up. :)

Prescottstyle - Thanks!
Where is the blog list wiki

As far as the webcam, I assume you are talking about this?
If so, it looks like they are using a Canon VC-C4 camera which can be controlled using the Canon Webview Livescope webcasting software.

Mike said...

Happy Birthday Tombo!

I do remember when I was 24. That's part of my problem.

TomboCheck said...

Mike - I swear I am an old man trapped in this young gun's body. No party, no getting buck wild. Just work and home for me. :)

Chickenbells said...

Happy Birthday! Your so very young...sigh.

I am so shocked about Carol. She and her daughters used to shop in Snap Snap quite a bit, and I actually met Carol at my chiropractors and have had many conversations with her...I am so sad. I hope they catch whoever did this...I just can't imagine anyone wanting to hurt her.

Melissa said...

Really sorry about Carol. I read the story. :( Her poor family.

24? Youngsta.

Sounds like my weekend. Relaxing tossed together with some tummy problems. Ah well. :) Glad your 3-day was nice overall.

TomboCheck said...

chickenbells - yeah, pretty shocking. Nikki has an idea of what might have happened, but I'd just as soon wait for the official story before spreading gossip. A shame for sure.

Melissa - I definitely feel for the family. Both of her daughters were nice gals, and definitely don't deserve to be going through this.

And yeah, I'm a youngin. :) Thanks for the well wishes.

Anonymous said...

Tombo, Its on the bottom of the page, I think it eats up too much space on the sidebar.

TomboCheck said...

PrescottStyle - ahh, I see. Cool, thanks for the heads up. :)

Melissa said...

I think you are an older person in a young body. That's one of the most appealing things about you. :) I was like that too.

TomboCheck said...

Melissa - I'm seriously hoping that I de-mature as I get older. I wanna be that dirty old man who all the nurses at the old folks home hate. :)