Thursday, July 10, 2008


To the guy who goes to the gym and walks at a snail's pace on the treadmill for a WHOLE HOUR, TALKING ON THE FREAKING PHONE: nobody likes you. You are obviously illiterate (as you have ignored the '30 minute time limit when people are waiting' signs). And you talk on the phone WAY too loud.

I know it must be hard talking over the annoying hum of the treadmill, but seriously; nobody cares how the Cards are doing, nobody gives a crap about how your workday was, and I certainly don't give a flying shit about what you are doing later tonight.

P.S. - It's weird how much you stare at anything with tits.
< /rant >


quilteddogs said...

Ugghh. Don't you just hate that? Or sometimes people are hogging the weight not because they are working out but because they are talking to each other and the benches make a nice place to sit.

TomboCheck said...

I just don't get some people. :)

melissa said...

I HATE that, the cell phone addicted gym rats. *Hate* And I hate when two chicks (yeah, I'm sexist) get on the treadmills behind me and start yapping away and doing their female bonding for 30 minutes right behind me while I'm trying to zone out. You wouldn't believe the shit I've heard. Well, yeah, you probably would. It makes for a very irritable workout.

I guess I just don't understand the lack of consideration.

TomboCheck said...

I don't understand how you can WANT to go to the gym and sit and talk. When I go, it's to kick my ass, then go home.